My Productivity is Unproductive (Insidious)

       I love a good ghost story, and a good demon possesion thriller. So, Insidious was a really good crossover between both those plotlines.
In the story, when a family moves to a new house their son goes into a coma, and the mother sees strange spectors throughout the house. They move; hoping to be rid of the spectors and on some levels the coma. When they move they only find that the coma, and the ghosts are still present. So, the father’s mom reccomends the psychic, and when the psychic comes she explains that the boy has the ability to leave his body. This is attracting unwanted potential occupance like ghosts, spectors, and demons.
In a somewhat odd twist the empiricist and rationalist father learns that he too can leave his body, and he must do so in order to redeem his son. He does this, but at a cost.
      On a whole I enjoyed the film. It’s suspenseful and imaginative. However, there’s no clear philisophical message like the Buddism of “Avatar,” or the blatent naturalism of “Jurrasic Park.” It’s simple and clear job is to simply thrill you. Does this mean it’s not worht our time? Is it enough for a piece of media simply to entertain us? At least when it comes to the genre of horror, I think it is.
       Let’s take a look at the genre of horror from a historical standpoint. When was it popular? You would expect during a time of less social turmoil. We’ll you’d be as wrong as I was when I made that assumption. Horror is popular when there is some sort of massive social upheaval. Stephen King talks some about this phenomina in his book “Danse Macabre,” but why is this? When I go to a horror movie I find a world with troubles far greater than my own. What do I feel at the end? I feel relief. It puts my own life into perspective.
       Fiction should seek to entertain then teach. A greater man than me once said that, and he’s right. I hardly remember anything from my science textbooks, but I remember every book from Mr. Jenkins literature class. Why: because, it entertained me, and I ended up learning in the process.
My third point is for artists, and especially artists with a message. Being entertained is a way of being swept away, and how can you hope to sweep someone away unless you yourself have been swept away. So, read, watch, and absorb your art, and above all be swept away.
        Going back to Insidious; watch it. Determine what you think. If you like it; great. If you don’t that’s fine too. It’s about finding out what sweeps you away.

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