What Would Jesus's Playlist Look Like?

       I don't plan on doing many more posts like the one I'm about to do, but it's so close to the spirit of what I want to do here that I simply can't resist. Christians have this sort of slant against new music that to put it in the most blatant words: disturbing. To be honest, the Christians that object to certain genres of music aren't the Christians who I generally hang out with, and the first time I heard that there were certain genres that were not to be listened to by Christians. I assumed that it was a stand against the ad content in a lot of modern music.
     This was a little different though. I was in fact shocked when they replied that they didn't want to worship the beat instead of God. They not only rejected the genres like metal, but disapproved of the far softer bands like "Newsboys," and "DC Talk."
     In the moment I was to dumbfounded to respond, but now I think I have my wits gathered about me. C.S. Lewis talks about the reason for music in his book Mere Christianity saying; Music is the expression of the infinite for some people. So, stylistically what a Christian should be listening to, as far as genre goes. It's a whole other subject to talk about message, but I'll get to that.   
      There was also something else I wanted to say, but didn't think of till much later. How would the logic play out in other areas? Should I not eat good food because i'm worried it might taste good? Of course not, God meant us to take pleasure in his creation, and in creating we take place in this sort of imitation of himself. If you haven't read the book Desiring God by John Piper go read it. The book takes a look at the Idea of Christian Hedonism, and how pleasure in a Christian's life should work. 
     Something else that needs to be looked at is the message of the band. Another blogger  Jon Acuff said "I love the band with the name Demon Hunter. It's like naming your band Satan groin kickers." I not only love the Demon Hunter band, but their words are amazingly powerful. They have lines like "Save sorrow for the souls in doubt," "Hell hath no furry at all," and "The deliverance of blade and flame, your love and greater is the blood." 
      A lot of their stuff is really powerful, and got me to think about things. Although i'm unsure about Demon Hunter, there are certainly Christian metal bands that have a small part of the concert that do gospel speakers. 
     So, why would we deny the gospel being preached? Why would we deny people being touched by a Christian message? Weren't we ordered to be all things to all people? 

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